Flood Risk Management Strategy

What is the Severn Estuary Flood Risk Management Strategy (FRMS)?

The Strategy is a long term plan to manage tidal flood risks in the Severn Estuary. It covers the coast from Gloucester to Lavernock Point near Cardiff and from Gloucester to Hinkley Point in Somerset.

The three main objectives of the strategy are:

  • to define a 100 year plan of investment for flood defences by the Environment Agency, National Resources Wales  and local authorities
  • to prioritise other flood risk management measures such as providing advice to utility companies to protect critical infrastructure, development control advice and flood warning investment
  • to decide where we should create new inter-tidal wildlife habitats to compensate for losses of habitat caused by rising sea levels

We held our second consultation on the draft Strategy in 2013.  The consultation was hosted on this website though also included local drop-in sessions plus presentations to Parish Councils and interested local groups.

  • A summary report on the responses we received is here
  • We have endeavoured to answer the many questions raised during the consultation in a report available here

The Strategy does not yet have any formal approval from Defra or Welsh Government. The Strategy is the starting point for ongoing collaboration between the Environment Agency, National Resources Wales, landowners, communities and organisations, to consider and plan for change for the next 100 years. We expect to collectively review the Strategy every ten years so that it can be updated with new information and to reflect any changing circumstances. Major changes, such as a decision to construct a Severn Barrage, could prompt an earlier review.

During our local discussions a number of concerns have been raised that are very important to communities though not necessarily relevant for the Estuary as a whole. We will continue to engage with communities regarding these.

The details available here should be considered as a working draft strategy.   Some of the actions have already been completed.