SMP2 Policy Options within the Severn Estuary

The coastline of the Severn Estuary is divided up into 66 short sections called ‘Policy Units’. For each section, one of the following policy options is recommended:

A policy option is provided to deliver a sustainable management approach over three planning timeframes:

  • Short-term: 2005 – 2025
  • Medium-term: 2026 – 2055
  • Long-term: 2056 – 2105

Policy options may change for different epochs for the same stretch of coast.   For example, the policy option for a particular policy unit could be ‘hold the existing line’ for the first epoch (0 – 20 years), changing to ‘managed realignment’ for the next epoch (20 – 50 years).

Executive summary of the Severn SMP2 – Executive Summary / Cymraeg

It should be noted that the policies in the SMP do NOT contain specific details for schemes – either what they will be made of or the standard of protection. These will come from other sources including Environment Agency/Natural Resource Wales and Local Authority flood risk management plans.