SMP2 Main Document

The SMP2 Main Report (draft)  

The SMP2 was received final approval in February 2017. To view the approval letter, click here.

The Main Report is made up of three separate parts:

Part A: the Signpost report pdf gif

This provides:

·         A guide to the process and decisions made within the SMP2

·         A reference for decision-makers undertaking policy and planning

·         Signposting/cross-referencing to specific technical information in the report’s Appendices

Part B: the Policy statements


·         Set out the preferred policy options for each Policy Unit

·         Describe the impact of preferred policies on the features of the Policy Unit

Part C: Action Plan pdf gif

This sets out and identifies:

·         Actions that need to be taken

·         Who is responsible for actions and

·         When actions should take place


Appendix A pdf gif SMP development Outlines the overall development process for the SMP2
Appendix B pdf gif Stakeholder engagement & consultation Summarises stakeholder engagement and public consultation processes
Appendix C pdf gif Baseline Process Outlines baseline understanding of coastal behaviour and dynamics, coastal defences and describes models of future shoreline change
Appendix D pdf gif Theme Review Identifies key features along the coast and why they are important to stakeholders.  Reports on landscape/nature conservation; historic environment; and current and future land use
Appendix E pdf gif Issues, features and objectives evaluation Summaries the features and issues along the Severn Estuary shoreline together with the setting and evaluation of objectives
Appendix F pdf gif Policy Development and Appraisal Outlines the key steps undertaken in development and definition of policies.
Appendix G pdf gif Preferred policy management approach testing Considers how each stretch of coast (Policy Unit) interacts with adjacent units and how this impacts on the choice of policy to develop management approaches
Appendix H pdf gif Economic appraisal Provides a review of the economic viability of the preferred plan for each policy unit (using SMP2 procedural guidance)
Appendix I: Section A pdf gif Policy and plan review Strategic Environmental Assessment
Appendix I: Section B pdf gif   Habitat Regulations Assessment
Appendix I: Section Annexes pdf gif   Policy and Plan Review
Appendix J pdf gif Water Framework Directive Assessment Follows Environment Agency guidance for the assessment of SMPs under the Water Framework Directive
Appendix K pdf gif Bibliographic database Provides lists of references for the main documents, appendices and mapped data